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So true! Thank you for the post Len

Thank you for posting. This report strongly suggests a correlation between improved experience and improved results, but not causation. ie, perhaps these companies are just better at all things, experience being one of their many competencies. I'm just playing devil's advocate, as my career has been dedicated to advocating for stronger customer experiences... and I'm always looking for good proof points!

Great read, Len! And cool to see Jon Picoult's name on that... worked with him briefly before the EMC days. Really good guy.

Agreed, Eric. I don't believe you can attribute success solely to experience. However, I do believe that exceptional experiences have one thing in common - they are created around the needs of the customer. To that end, 'experience oriented' brands put the customer first in all facets of their business, experience and otherwise. I see too many brands today with independent marketing, sales and service channels, as example. I believe that looking beyond organizational silos and instead intimately understanding and aligning around the customer journey can serve as an accelerator in becoming a true experience leader.

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