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Terrific work, Len!

Love how you've joined forces with the people/HR/training side of the house and made this a true enterprise-for-the-enterprise event, rather than "something marketing put together." That integration sounds easy at face value, but we know too few organizations take the time to do it.

Inclusiveness, collaboration, and community building at its best!

You and your team continue to make me smile.


Thanks Polly! We're proud of this one and hopeful that other brands embrace the approach.

Great work as always, Len. Nice tip of the hat from Chuck on his blog too. It's been a year since I departed from EMC but your work and that of the other bloggers and community members at EMC are keeping me connected. Thanks!


Len: This is a fantastic employee video! I will share this with my clients as an example of an entertaining social media communication for employees. It shows the company's culture for using social media internally and externally and highlights the key points of the social media policy without all of the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Thank you for sharing!

Lynn Sardonia
Track 12 Consulting
Twitter: @lynnsardonia

Love this Len. I may not be an employee but I am a customer with strong ties through EMC's social media connections to the world. It's great to see even more of the commitment from inside the company.

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