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Terrific color, Len. Thanks for that perspective. Now, tag I'm it -- I'll write up 2007 from the vantage point of EMC's employment brand over on http://www.pollypearson.com. As a snapshot, we ended 2006 having recovered from the painful recession of 2002- 2003, and it was off to the races again in terms of hiring THOUSANDS of people -- and integrating the THOUSANDS who had joined us recently via company acquisitions. At this point in time, we had a new company strategy starting to take shape and get traction, a refined philosophy with regard to global innovation, and a need to move with speed.

I see social media tools and behavior models as a major gift to us at this critical time. It aided our mission of bringing our people together as ONE and accelerating relationships, revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction. All at the right price point (cheap!)

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