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Well done Len - I've seen this at conferences (most recently at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose) and it's a well done way to emphasize and showcase the importance of community inside the walls.

Thx AC. It's a great way to drive awareness of the social world while constantly reinforcing the nature of the conversations. As you suggest, it's particularly helpful at events - reminding attendees that there is a buzz and a back channel to engage event coordinators, other attendees, presenters, etc;

Somewhat off topic - folks who haven't seen it should check out the Swarm screen saver from Digg Labs - http://labs.digg.com/. It's similar in that it pulls community type content in real time, and builds relationships between stories while also showing trends. While it's not brand or topic specific, it does help convey a similar sense of appreciation for the constant activity and interaction within the social web.

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