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Count me in. StorageDC on twitter.
Looking forward to some networking...

Count me in. I will be representing the Ed Services and the Proven Professional Community.

game for this. i'll be there.

I'm there. I can always use another place to write-up a new blog post and chat/meet with others. Would love to see Chuck Hollis there.


Sign me up to help you work the velvet rope. I'm waiting for our Cisco friends to help get partners discounts on Flip cameras.
I'm happy to discuss next generation data center with those that are interested and have some good cloud people that I should be able to get people access to also.


EMCer here -- definitely looking forward to being a part of this.

Blog is linked above. Twitter account is @davidkspencer.

For those that don't know me, I blog mainly about the "21st century workplace" in general, obviously drawing mainly from my experiences at EMC.

EMC Tweeter @Mike_Fishman. I look forward to this opportunity to match names to faces AND to discuss everything from Data Protection challenges in the Modern Data Center to the weather in Orlando.

We TWEET, now let's MEET.


I would also like to join. BasRaayman @twitter, still fairly new to the twittering game (not as big yet in Europe, but we're getting there ;)) but looking forward to more info on the V-Max and do some networking.

Great idea.Would love to be a part of it.
Twitter: @gregorydwhite
Also blog for Dell Storage on InsideIT: http://en.community.dell.com/blogs/insideit/

Count me in @vincentjsanto

Oh, you know that I'm in. ;) @davegraham on twitter. Perhaps I can help @BasRaayman with his V-Max quest. ;)



I'm in, although participation may be limited. The dance card is filling up FAST after the V-Max launch.


Count me in...

Add me to the list...

I'll be there! I tweet @ http://twitter.com/rabbitofdeath

I'll be there if partners are invited. twitter.com/edsai and I blog with others on GestaltIT.com.

Yes Ed - Partners are welcome! Anyone who blogs (or micro blogs) - the more the merrier! Love the interest already and still so much time to go.

I'm pulling together a formal calendar and will post in the next week or two. It's early - and we'll have to be somewhat flexible given the EMC World event - but some really interesting folks expressing interest to hang around and chat 1x1 in the lounge.

More to come!

Hey Len, please count me in, I twitter as @ctnco and am the CTO of Infrastructure Consulting for EMC Corporation. Looking forward to the event!

I am in @NCorridanGregg

Len, count me in. Looking forward to this.

Count me in - @WheelNZ - planning on having live Tweets with EMC Education Services executives and the winners of the 2009 Proven Professional Knoweldge Sharing contest. Can we schedule specific times in the lounge? Are you open outside of exhibit hall hours? We sure could use a flipcam... Lots of exciting things taking place for Proven Professionals that we want to capture

I’d love to join (twitter.com/SPReviews) - I am new in the storage world, representing an EMC partner SANpulse (www.sanpulse.com), but also founded a SharePoint-related site and work closely with EMC consulting (Microsoft practice), and represent EMC products on the site: http://www.sharepointreviews.com/component/jreviews/tag/developer/EMC/
Can I participate? Can’t wait to meet new people at EMC World. Orlando will rock!

Len, count me in.

@mrdenny on Twitter and blogging at http://itke.techtarget.com/sql-server.

Looking forward to it


Count me in

@charleshood on twitter

Count me in as well

C U there www.storageioblog.com @storageio on twitter plus www.thegreenandvirtualdatacenter.com

I am there, add me to the list......

I am in


EMCer, happy to talk CLARiiON with anyone interested.

Count me in. Just another end user looking for vendor bling....

I am in .

We'er in twitter: @EMCCIG

I'm in!

Great setup. Looking forward to networking with you all here at EMCWorld.

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