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I backup my files and emails with a very easy to use software called Titan Backup (http://www.titanbackup.com), the destination is a 500gb WD harddisk, but the company stated that an online feature is under work also. Give it a free trial at:http://www.titanbackup.com/download.html


Thanks... But I prefer to store my data off site - where there's fault tolerance, backups and DR capabilities. If something happens @ home, it's likely to take everything down.

Also, no MAC solution. :(

Lastly, I edited out the 30% discount you posted. Just not comfortable with you sharing personal discounting codes with a mass audience here.

I have tried the free version of Mozy, that comes with 2 GB, and really like. Gives you a good feeling, when you know your data is safely backuped.

Right now the have a special offer. I anybody signs up with my referral we both get an additional 512MB storage space. Just use the following link or go to the mozy.com website and enter the code: 742EE0



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