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Hi Lan

You’re right. This is complex stuff.

And the new rules don’t help to make the road clearer.

If anything can be registered, what will stop people of register My.name.emc.anywhere? And 185k for brand protection? I’m Sorry, but brand protection about what? If people don’t know EMC they will think it’s about relativity. (In the beginning I thought it was!) Apple? Same business. It’s nonsense.

I think ICANN members lost the papers and grab one of those “very good ideas” that sound great in the paper, but takes a lot of pain to implement.

Best Regards!

Thanks Alfredo, for stopping by and for the comment. I'm hopeful that folks like us continue to work through some of the challenges and ultimately contribute to the successful evolution of TLD's.

Someone pinged me offline and reminded me that the $185k is merely for a ticket for entry. There could be significant costs behind this depending on your maturity in this space (i.e. could need to build out new infrastructure, may have to spend $$$ defending your claim of ownership, etc). In other words, the initial investment could simply be the beginning.

Thanks Len. And I’m sorry for the mistype. “Bad keyboard. Bad!”

I certainly would love to contribute to the EMC’s Community Effort. There’s only two potential problems:

1.- I’m in Mexico
2.- I studied Communication Sciences, not IT Engineering.

Anyway. The “start ticket factor” is giving me a point here. In some of the records regarding commercial marks and Intellectual Propriety the case is even worst.

From my POV many enterprises will seat in the same configuration and will wait to see more clearly when the dust comes down.


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