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Len: good points all around. However, you've missed the key point - what's going to make any of us change our "core behaviors"? As long as everything proceeds along nicely, there is no motivation to change.

Perhaps it will do all of us some good to keep our eyes on what happens in the financial IT industry. Clearly there are immense changes going on there. Let's see if this kind of Tsunami is enough to change those core behaviors...

- Dr. Jim Anderson
The Business of IT Blog - www.TheBusinessOfIT.com

Dr. Jim Anderson - Thanks for stopping by.

Re-reading my post, I realize that I wasn't clear with one piece of context... As we have solid adoption within the community, I now shift my complete focus to driving behavioral change.

I believe there are a number of ways to introduce new ways of working and collaborating in an enterprise environment... If we can demonstrate more efficient methods to communicate and collaborate on a global scale via social tools - while showing the user that there's something in it for them (faster response, broader input, quicker time to market, etc) - Then this in itself will be a significant motivating factor that begins to drive behavioral change.

I intend to document our experiences - what works, what doesn't - in this blog with hopes of helping others do the same. I'd be misleading if I suggested I had all of the answers - I don't. But, I do believe the job will be somewhat easier with a group of 7k+ passionate community members by our side willing to embrace - and help drive - change.

As I say, the fun part is just beginning :)

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