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Len, it's like Second Life was last year and early this year - struggling with growth. It doesn't mean you don't use it. You just have to adjust your expectations and have a backup plan. In our SL-based recruiting fairs last year we negotiated penalty clauses to provide rain checks, and made sure every candidate had the phone number, emial and IM handle of their recruiter and vice versa.

I'm with you, Peter... BUT - in the SL example, sounds like there was $$$ in the game - and you had the benefit of penalties. Not the case in a freebie.

I also agree that issues are most likely caused by explosive growth. I guess at the core of my point was - growth and new market opportunities will be hampered by plaguing instability issues. Fix them or risk your user base moving on to the next offering.

Twitter is a phenomenon. An ecosystem is building up around it, there are a variety of 3rd party tools to view and update Twitter... and there are a number of competitors, all ready to declare Twitter's death. Its scalability problems notwithstanding, FriendFeed and other competitors have not gained sufficient traction to de-throne Twitter.

The Apple keynote announcement by Steve Jobs at the WWDC was an interesting test of Twitter, there is a significant overlap between Apple/iPhone fans and Twitter fans. It help up "fairly" well as a real-time microblogging tool, though many were also using specialized real-time blogs from the standard Mac news outlets.

I think announcements of its demise are premature, though a strong upstart alternative could topple it. So far Pownce and Jaiku haven't done so.

Thanks for commenting, Bill. Agree with your perspective... To your point, these issues have far greater reach than Twitter and the user base. With more and more integration, Tweet outages are having impact on blogs, FaceBook, FriendFeed, etc, etc, etc;

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