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Great to see that EMC is doing this. It was a huge success for Mac World, and we saw Twitter to be a great community driver for both SOURCEBoston (March)and RSA Conference (April) - and related sub-events. We used the feeds to drive news not only pre and post show, but to promote related blogs and news sessions, to live-tweet from different session so we could drive content across the show, and to communicate either publicly or privately with users. I wish you and EMC World the best of luck! It's definitely a great (albeit very time consuming) experiment, but absolutely worth it in this age.

Hi Len,

Have you heard of Locamoda or Wifitti (same company)? They are a social media software company who develops "Wiffiti" screens which are hung in public places (ie, @EMC World) and participants can text to the screen providing feedback, answers to questions, games, etc. interactively and in real time.
Recently, this application was utilized at an Obama rally. Large screens are employed and mobile users text to interact in real time dialogue and this shows up on a large screen and also online, so people who are not present at the conference, can also participate. It's Twitter out Loud.

Good luck!

@Jennifer - Thanks for the vote of confidence... Agree on all points - especially the unique opportunity to keep the conversation going through this channel well after the conference letting attendees help shape EMC World 2009.

@Selina - I have heard Wifitti before (http://www.wiffiti.com/)... Large events such as EMC World (political rallies, etc) would definitely be interesting use cases for the technology.

Len, good posting. I look forward to measuring results!

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