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I like your idea of community managers.
I also think that there is a need for someone who "ties" together different aspects - blogging, social networking, wikis, twittering (??) and other such things. May be community manager can do that as well but someone who understands usability and can integrate different user experiences, navigation etc to be able to recommend a unified user experience would be a good addition.

Completely agree - That's a key responsibility.

I've debated the need for an independent overarching strategist in the model doing exactly what you suggest. The more I thought about it tho, I'd suggest that every person on this team needs to be thinking about the bigger picture - the overall experience - and ensuring consistency across the variety of tools & offerings. My vote would be that this is a shared responsibility across with the team lead having ultimate accountability for synergy... But again, there's a few ways to get to the same end state.

This is outstanding. Thank you so much for taking a shot at fleshing out some job titles and responsibilities -- as well as heirarchy -- for this relatively new field.

Our company helps other businesses learn to use innovative communication tools (like social media tools). So, like you mentioned in your comment above, we fill the role of independent overarching strategist. We are frequently helping businesses build teams to implement their new strategies. We have been tailoring the teams to the business and goals, of course, but often the same patterns are needed.

This is the first time I've seen anyone work to name those patterns and really expand on the job descriptions! Great job.

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