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Great to see the initiative taking off with such success. We are embarking on an education campaign for starters. This week, I am leading a social media interest group session to a) build a primer on social media in general and b) develop a methodology/framework for approaching social media with clients. We are going to start internal "roadshows" to different groups and have 2-3 more friendly clients in mind or already lined up to participate. I'll keep you posted how we make out but we already have anecdotal information about a lot of demand. For example: Our fun internal event (http://adamcohen.typepad.com/adamsblog/2008/03/work-hard-play.html) leveraging social media introduced people to twitter and uncovered a bunch of personal blogs out there that we intend to leverage similar to your earlier consolidation of EMC blogs.

Good times, and thanks for sharing!

The ITS department at Melbourne Business School is doing something similar with its Lunchtime Sessions. Usually someone from the ITS team will do a quick presentation on a useful technology -- generally something that will make everyone's life easier or will enhance productivity -- after which we'll have a discussion on how it can be used within our organization.

The last one was on content syndication (though we called it 'RSS' since that's the most well known buzzword) and we got staff from all over the school -- from marketing, finance, HR, etc. -- really excited about the power of news feeds. This also ties in nicely with our upcoming attempt to phase out widely circulated announcement-type e-mails and getting people to self-select the internal communication news feeds that they're interested in.

ITS holds these sessions every month and they're getting increasingly popular.

Adam / Ameel - Thanks for the comments. I might actually start posting up some of the presentation materials we're using. Just need to scrub and ensure there's nothing sensitive in there.

I'm stunned by the thirst for knowledge in this space. I'd venture to guess it will take about 3 - 4 months for our jobs to evolve from "Hey everyone, come look at how cool this stuff is' to 'Man, I wish we could just bring some sanity to the propagation of this stuff'...

Time will tell.

I have been educating, gaining trust, getting buy-in, transforming misconceptions of 2.0 from the top down.
Started w/the EVP's, then the VP's, then their mgrs...etc.
I have a Power Point that outlines the phases, the goals in each phase and the future of what we want to accomplish by the end of the year. I also have a WordPress blog that I educate on 2.0, but also write about the process that we are going through...struggles & all.
Because I came from a WOM Marketing Firm I understand 2.0 very well...but have had to communicate to my own Director that it is NOT about the 4p's and pushing info to customers, rather it is about them pulling data, opting in...and we have to provide non-salesy (this is now a new word) content for them to pull into their world.
Very slow process, but not one person has said (after education of course) this is dumb/stupid: why don't we do a national commercial?

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