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Len, you sure it's only 11.7 MBs and not GBs that you've generated since Jan. 1, 2008? Or are you generating 11.7 MBs per day? That would be scary!

BTW - saw you on Jeremiah's video blog. Good stuff!

Kevin - thanks for the comment.

I believe the 11.7 MB represents my estimated daily contribution to the digital world. So what's that - 815GB since January?

Although, I just picked up a new Flip for video recording so will likely now blow that number out the window.


LD - I hit 19.1MB, I'm really surprised by that. I just blogged about it too at http://adamcohen.typepad.com/adamsblog/2008/03/digital-footpri.html

I think the application could have a lot of other uses and think it's a great interactive marketing move for EMC.

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