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Great perspectives and insights, Len. I'm encountering similar challenges and 'fear' within the Yum Brands organization in which I serve as the new media strategist. In my first 8 months at the company I've come to realize that collaboration on platforms other than telephone and Outlook simply don't exist and/or they do not have critical mass to yield value.

An employee intranet / portal is due soon (no, we don't have one yet - gulp!) and I look forward to finally having the ability to collaborate and communicate with our workforce like most other $10+ billion global companies had in place years ago. Once that behavior of sourcing and sharing info together is ingrained, I would expect to encounter far less resistance or confusion when bolting on additional tools with social media elements.

We've got a long way to go with updating internal comm and collaboration tools, but we're moving ahead quickly. Thanks again for sharing your experiences and points of view!

Hi Nick - It seems it's not an uncommon problem inside the enterprise. I was in CA this past week and heard very similar stories from people in rather larges companies.

In your situation - Will the new Intranet provide any social capabilities? If you can find that one use case - the focused, cross functional project with strong support from above - and get them to leverage social tools to communicate around their project... It really helps to demonstrate the power and take the offering viral.

Yes, the new intranet will at least lay the foundation for sharing and interactive collaboration more than our current infrastructure. As more cross-functional teams and roles develop, I'm certain there will be the urgent need for collaborative online communications.

I'm hoping to at least dip our toes into the water with perhaps a wiki of company acronyms and jargon for the assimilation of newbies like me. With over 1,000,000 associates at 5 distinct brands in more than 110 countries it's sometimes difficult to find the people, information or resources one needs to master a role or project. Online tools with social components will get us there, especially in our culture of best practice sharing and building know-how.

Nowhere to go but up from here! :)

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