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Kinda makes us old-timers think twice about what we log as our "current activity" in webby-land.

And today's 20-somethings might be in for a shocking surprise when the spam they receive actually starts sounding hauntingly familiar. Just imagine - "I know what you did last night" marketing campaigns!

On the other hand, the creative among us could sure build a rather robust resume of fake skills and experiences - since there's no real validation that you're actually doing what you say, nor any correlation to verify that you're actually doing it with real people.

Perhaps this is simply the destiny of the World Virtual we are in the midst of creating.

Very thought-provoking, Len - and thanks. I probably won't be able to sleep tonight until I revise my current activities across all these durn communities you've introduced me to :}

Interesting to see the storage anarchist has a pointer to something like this already in place; perhaps not as finely tuned as a micromedia content repository, a la Jaiku, twitter or facebook status, but the EMC employee blog custom search engine arguably serves the same purpose.

Kevin - you're absolutely right (No surprise of course as Barry is always so far ahead of the curve ;)

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