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nice idea. How about giving this as an add on module in Documentum?

Apoorv - Thanks for the comment.

I believe this will be relatively straightforward with out of box functionality. Specifically, content assets are already tagged with entitlement values - So Documentum knows who a piece is intended for. In addition, we have very consistent attributes that identify what any asset is about - What product, what rev, what nature of asset is (patch, release note, etc;), and so on.

I believe the missing element is the ability to flag any piece of content as a 'RSS Candidate'. This should be as simple as adding a new meta data field / value.

Once you have the pieces in place, I believe it will be as simple as exporting daily content updates out of Documentum in XML format and parsing to our RSS system for distribution.

As I say, we're just now in sizing mode... There may be a piece I've missed but on paper it seems quite straight forward.

Len Devanna

Len, I've been bleating on about RSS feeds from vendors ever since I discovered the technology. I blogged about the lack of feeds a couple of years' ago. It amazes me that companies such as Brocade still don'r provide their news as RSS feeds. There's a huge opportunity there being missed. What I'd like to see is all vendors signing up to use RSS with additional filters indicating content type (bux fixes, software releases, marketing etc). At least that would be a start.

Rock On!

Great topic, and great thinking you're providing! I'm glad you're on our team ... keep up the good work!

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